Through the conducting of Gender Research in Africa and Arab Countries into ICTs for Empowerment, GRACE aims to contribute to the transformation of our gendered world. We focus on ICTs as an avenue for uncovering and exploring women’s experiences of empowerment in the context of their gendered, social, cultural, economic, class, and political realities.

The knowledge construction approach used within GRACE is central to the results. In order to achieve a sense of women’s realities in the 17 countries, emphasis is placed on the use of qualitative research techniques as these techniques yield in-depth data and are able to highlight the various dimensions and aspects of phenomena. The research questions and methodologies, the research trainings, as well as the ongoing mentoring and support programme accompanying the research are grounded in the principles of critical emancipatory research, better known as action research.

However, within this shared methodological stance, the 27 research projects differ widely in terms of their research question, research method and choice of target group.


The intention of the coordination approach within GRACE is to create the space for the 27 research teams to develop their own methodology in alignment with their personal research passion and in response to their specific environments



Grace is an initiative envisioned and funded by
the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), developed by Research For the Future (RFF) and managed by The GRACE Project Voluntary Association
Grace est une initiative initiée et financée parle Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI), développée par Research For the Future,
et gérée par l'Association Volontaire Projet de GRACE .