How can ICTs be used to enhance gender awareness and resilience in Palestinian female university students?
LOCATION: Bethlehem
GRACE – Palestine uses Excoboard to participate in forums and group discussions

As part of the process of enhancing the knowledge of the Palestinian female students on gender issues, and exchanging their comments and reflections on topics raised during the conducted workshops, the students suggested the use of ExcoBoards as the ICT forum for group discussions and reflections. Fifteen topics were posted on the Excoboard with 362 posts by the participants on the different topics. Privacy, immediacy, openness were ensured. To have an idea on this ICT medium you can visit http://www.excoboard.com. Quoting Mary Abu Ghazaleh, one of the participants:

What makes Excoboard special is it's a space of privacy and openness. I can say what's on my mind freely without fearing being judged. This is because we all are on the same page here. It's like a society of open-minded ambitious women at my fingertips. Any time I can sign in and speak up. Also, It allows for contemplating and developing my thoughts.

Indeed Excoboard is a very convenient ICT space to share reflections, express thoughts, and hear others voices.





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