Is there a gender difference in access to and use of ICTs at the University of Tunis, Tunisia?

In order to present the results of our GRACE project, a meeting was held at the Belvedere Hotel in Tunis on 04/12/2010.

At that meeting several people were invited. Some of them are among those who have already participated in filling in the questionnaire and discussing at the focus groups (Teacher/Researcher; Administrative staff; students). In addition to the numerous participants from the University of Tunis, many other persons attended representing decision makers and research centers, such as the Centre for Research, Study, Documentation and Information on Women (CREDIF). Moreover, an ICT consultant, a sociologist and a Director of an educational institution were present and participated in the debate.

Several media covered this event and highlighted the importance of such research to promote ICT tools in Tunisian universities, to improve the capacities of women and to facilitate their access and their communications between them. Among the numerous media and journals which covered this meeting we can cite Tunis Africa Press, Le Temps newspaper, Le Renouveau newspaper, Radio of Youngs, etc.

The significant results were presented at this meeting by Project leader Kalthoum Ben Hassine and were discussed by the participants.

All the participants were very pleased with the results and the work of the project team and requested some recommendations focused on the realization of training sessions for a better mastery of the ICT tools.

Pictures of the Event

RESEARCHERS: Prof. Oum Kalthoum Ben Hassine
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Distribution of the questionnaire to student participants in Tunis



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