Researcher, Palestine

Vera Baboun is a PhD Candidate at the English Literature Department, Betlehem University in Palestine.

Vera Baboun, an English literature instructor at Bethlehem University in Bethlehem / Palestine, also lectures in the Gender Module in the BU graduate MICAD program, and is a gender trainer in projects led by the Palestinian Women Research and Documentation Centre (UNESCO project). She is socially active in her Bethlehemite Palestinian community. She heads the Board of Directors of the Guidance and Training Centre for Family and Children (GTC/Mental Health Centre), and is the treasurer for the QADER Centre for Disability and Community Development. Ms. Baboun is currently working on her PhD on Arab-American Women’s Literature. She is highly active in advocating gender awareness where she lectures, and gives training on gender issues for a considerable number of social NGOs.   Currently, she is supervising research on gender issues prevailing in the Palestinian context as part of a gender development project led by BADAEL centre in Ramallah.

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