Associate Professor Dr. Nada Al-syed Hassan

Researcher, Yemen

Current position:
Associate professor in environmental science, Biology Department, faculty of Education, Aden University

Main Activities:
* Member of Yemeni environmental society & sustainable development.
* Member of Yemeni biological society.
* Member of Yemeni women association of sciences & technology.

Additional Occupations:
- Laboratory superintendent (Nasre police hospital) 1984-1994
- Lecturer of Diploma (Women studies & Sustainable Development) in Women centre of training & research, University of Aden.
- Head of environmental awareness section in centre of studies and Environmental science.
- Prize of Yemeni president for scientific research. 

- M.Sc.& Ph.D in Biology- zoology-Environmental science , Baghdad university- IRAQ.
Many research projects undertaken on different issues of environmental pollution, gender, women’s empowerment, and marketing.



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