Researcher, Egypt

Professor of Post harvest pathology, Agriculture Research Center (ARC) Giza/ Egypt. Plant Pathologist with more than 33 year-experience in research, teaching, extension services, and training on post harvest diseases including introduction of new techniques for crops and food conservation under local conditions. Adaptive research on post harvest technologies and preparation and implementation of extension programs and guide lines for trainers, extension officers, producers, and exporters on conservation methods from harvesting to marketing.
Working on post harvest programs aimed at minimizing food losses in traditional post harvest practices at the farm and village levels including processing, packing, and storage in different parts of Egypt. Developed training for rural women participation in post harvest food losses - prevention programs.

  • Ph. D. in post harvest pathology of Strawberries conducted in between Agricultural Research Center ( ARC)/ Giza and North Dakota State University (NDSU), University of California, Davis (CA) / USA.
  • Lead scientist for discovery, identification a number of antagonistic yeasts for the biological control of post harvest diseases of fruits included in American Type Culture collection (ATCC), and sited in Egyptian Book of Recommendations.
  • Principal Investigator of several research grants in the field of Post harvest pathology with cooperation with Scientific institutions in side and out side country
  • Have a great experience abroad as visiting scientists, conference attendants, Seminars, post doctorate grants, Workshops  in the USA, Canada, Thailand, Turkey, Poland,  Holland, Spain, Italy, China, India, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordon, Tunisia, Yemen, etc     
  • Have recognition on activities conducted in Appalachian Fruit Research Station, Kearneysville, WV, UAS “ A success Story” Dec.28,1993
  • Awarded membership of the American Association of Advancement in Science “AAAS” / 1998
  • An active member of the Organization for Women in Science for the Development World (OWSDW) C/O The Academy of Science for the Developing  World (TWAS), since 1989
  • Reviewer of articles in the area of Post harvest pathology for the Journal of Plant Protection published by the Arab Society for Plant Protection, Dec., 2007
  • Member of the Egyptian Phyto. Pathological Society (1989-present).
  • Member of the Arab Society for Plant Protection (1991-present).
  • Member in the Journal "Horticulture science" (1991-1993).

    (199 2 - 199 4 )

    • Member of Alumni Association initiated by National Agriculture Research project/ USAID in 1994-1996
    • Member of planning & organizing committees for technical development of the Follow- up Program related to the National Agriculture Research Project (NARP)/ USAID, 1990.
    • Full Member of the Egyptian Packaging Association Development (E‎PDA), Cairo, Egypt.
    • Member of Consumer Protection association/ Ministry of Social Solidarity
    • Member representative of Academic Exchange Agreement between School of Bioresources and Technology KMUTT , Thailand and plant pathology research institute ( 2000- present)
    • Member of Scientific Committee of Asia Pacific Symposium on Quality Management for Agri- foods in Supply Chains ( APS 2006)
    • Active member of Association of Research Members of Agricultural Research Center (ARMARC) Oct. 2007.
    • Member of GRACE (Gender Research in Arab Countries into Information and communication Technology for Empowerment) Dec. 2008-present.
    • Supervisor and adviser in completion of several M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses in relevant fields.
    • Publisher of more than 50 scientific articles worldwide in the field of post harvest pathology and technology nationally and internationally.

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Articles presented at conference (s)

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2011). Further advancement in biocontrol efficacy of potential yeast antagonist(s) for controlling penicillium rots of citrus, International congress of Post harvest pathology, Lleida / Spain, April 11th - 14th.  www.postharvestpathology.com

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya and Helen  Norman (2000). Analysis of Cellular Fatty Acids of Candida oleophila: 2. Studies with respect to its biocontrol activity against Botrytis cinerea on Apple, Seventh Arab Congress of Plant Protection, Oct. 22-26, Amman, Jordan.

Articles presented at Symposium

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2002). Coats and packaging for high Quality and Extending Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables. The International  61th Symposium for Packaging Development Shelf Life for Agricultural Products, Jan. 20-21. Cairo, Egypt.

El- Neshawy, M. Saneya and Wilson, C.L. (1994). Enhancement of Candida oleophila for the Biocontrol of Post harvest Diseases of Apple with Nisin. International Symposium on Post harvest Physiology and Technology for Horticultural Commodities. Abstract No. 73, 16-21 January, Agadir, Morocco.


Articles published in conference Proceedings

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2010). Empowering Rural women through involvement in Agriculture Development in Egypt, Third world organization for Women in Science (TWOWS), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Beijing, China, 27-30 June. http://www.twows.org  

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2009). Protection of consumer and environment in Egypt is an “acquired right and obligate duty” The second International Conference of Women in Science and Technology University of Aden, Republic of Yemen, Dec. 12-15

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2008 ). Continued Challenges of Women Scientists in Post Harvest Handling of Horticulture Crops in Egypt, Arab Women in Academic Science and Technology: Towards Sustainable Development, Jordon University for Science and technology (JUST) and Third world organization for Women in Science (TWOWS), Abst. No. 56. http://www.twows.org

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2006). An Overview of Current and Future Strategies for Producing High Quality Sweet Potatoes for Export, Proceeding of The Asia Pacific Symposium (APS) on quality Management for Agri- Foods in Supply Chains.Aug.7-10, P. 23-30  Division of Post harvest Technology, King Mangkuts University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand. sirichai.kan@kmutt.ac.th

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2006). Women Scientists Role in Transferring and Utilizing Technologies for Production and Export of Horticultural Crops, Abst.40. The International Conference on “Women, Science& Development. University of Aden 30th  anniversary, 4-6 Feb., P.  219-230, Aden, l Yemen  

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya and EL-Sayed, A. Aziza (2005). Women Participation in Production, Marketing, and Storage of Fresh Horticulture Crops for Local Consumption and Export. Proceeding 3 rd General Assembly International Conference on Women's Impact on Science And Technology in the New Millennium, 21-25 Nov,. P. 127-135, India Institute of Science Bangalore, India. http://www.twows.org

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2005).Efficacy of selected yeasts and its mechanism(s) of action against major post harvest pathogens on certain commodities. International Conference on Post harvest Technology and Quality Management in Arid Tropics, P. 199-203. 31 Jan.- 2 Feb. Sultanate of Oman.

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya, Aly M.A. Zaid and Abd EL-Rahman F. Tolba (2004). Pre harvest Chitosan Effect on Postharvest Rots caused by Botrytis cinerea and Rhizopus stolonifer and Quality of Fresh Strawberries, 3-5 August, APEC Symposium, P. 81-88 KMUTT university, Thialand. sirichai.kan@kmutt.ac.th

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya, (2004). Mechanisms of action and efficacy of five species of the yeast Candida active against post harvest pathogens on citrus, apple and strawberries. The International Conference of Genetic Engineering & Its Applications, Abstract No.21 (Biotechnology and Environmental Mutagenesis), 8-11 April, Sharm El Shiekh City, South Sinai, Egypt. www.arc.sci.eg

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya, (2004). Potential of Yeasts for Biological Control of Post Harvest Diseases. Second International Conference of Organic Agriculture under slogan healthy and safe Food, Abstract No. 6,25-27, Cairo International Conference Center, Cairo, Egypt. www.arc.sci.eg

El- Baz, Ashraf F.; Shetaia M.Yousseria and  El-Neshawy M. Saneya (2002). Biocontrol Capabilities Of selected Candida spp Against Penicillim digitatum On citrus: Study with Respect to their Mode Of action. 2nd International Conference, Plant Protection Research Institute,  21-24,  824-830, Cairo, Egypt. www.arc.sci.eg

EL- Neshawy, M. Saneya  (1999). Safe Alternatives for Maintaining Quality and Controlling Postharvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables. Proceedings of The Second General Assembly and International Conference Women, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development, (Old and New Health Issues: Challenge for Women Scientists), Part 11, pp.101-108, 8-11 Feb., Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.twows.org

El-Neshawy , M. Saneya and Okasha, Kh. A. (1996). Effect of Different Spray Combinations of Certain Fungicides with Sodium Thio sulfate or Potassium Metabisulfite on Post Harvest Rots of   Strawberries . Fourth Arabic Conference for Horticultural  Crops. 25-28 March, pp 351-360.

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (1993). Influence of Modified Atmosphere on Fungal Deterioration and Aflatoxin Production in Wheat Grains. Six International Controlled Atmosphere Research Conference. Cornell University, Ithaca, New  York, June, 15-17, 360-371.
El- Neshawy, M. Saneya and Wilson, C.L. (1993). Discovery of New Microbial Antagonists for the Control of Post harvest Diseases of Apple. 6 th International Congress of Plant Pathology, Montreal (Quebec) Canada, July 28, (Abstract in Biological Approaches to Control of Post harvest  No. 14.25: 251)

Articles published in Journals

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya (2007). Biocontrol Capabilities Of Selected Candida Spp. Against Blue Mould Of Lemon And Their Effects On Fruit Characteristics.  Faculty of ِِAgricultural, University of Bologna, 3-5 May. P. 89-99, Bologna/Italy.
Lo scarabeo.bo@libero.it

EL-Neshawy, M. Saneya, Abo EL-ella M. Ghanim and Fatma  E. Ahmed (2004). Calcium Fertilizers for Reducing Erwinia Soft Rot of Potato. Journal Agriculture Science, Mansoura Univ., 29 (9): 4953 – 4961.

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Poem on GRACE

Presented at the Tunis workshop (May 26 - June5, 2010 ) by Saneya M. El-Neshawy," a GRACE-MENA member

GRACE has grasped me …..as it was the motive for me
Its activities are without any loss... as its leader is a great Boss

Trust and seriousness was the norm

since GRACE - Mena was born
GRACE - Mena with fifteen leaders came to me as a great feeder

Friendly has it always been ... a great achiever as we have seen
     Tasks are always so heavy   however, often get us so happy

In put, out put, and impact … were the theories for the plan intact
Research plan includes interviews   as it shows ideas and views
As landowners greatly encourage… they would become actively empowered
The intervention has been followed… as information and knowledge have been swallowed

How efficient was Ineke's visit … It gave us directions and missions
How great to see the impact so near… as the progress is highly clear

The vast empowerment is the ultimate impact
                                             as the great achievement were on proper track
Participation is an honor for every one indeed
as the blossoms of achievement are greatly increased


Saneya M. El-Neshawy







Grace is an initiative envisioned and funded by
the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), developed by Research For the Future (RFF) and managed by The GRACE Project Voluntary Association
Grace est une initiative initiée et financée parle Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI), développée par Research For the Future,
et gérée par l'Association Volontaire Projet de GRACE .