Researcher, Sudan


Ikhlas Ahmed Nour Ibrahim  Associate Professor           
BVSc., M.VSc. Poultry science, Ph.D. Meat Science and Technology. Research Guide published in local and international journals and proceedings of conference.

Ikhlas Ahmed Nour is an Associate Professor of Meat Science and Technology and the Director of Institute for Studies and Promotion of Animal Exports at the University of Khartoum, Sudan.

Supervision of postgraduate students of M.Sc. and Ph.D
Member of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs): The Sudan Veterinary Medical Association, Sudan. The Sudanese Veterinary Medical Association for Women, Sudan. The Third World Organization for Women in Science TWOWS, Italy. Boudina Society for Development of Women in Rural Areas, Sudan Organization for Co-operation and Development of Rural Areas, Society of Desertification. Sudanese camel association.
Participant in dry land husbandry project, Development of women in the rural area (in Butana). Funded by IGAD (Intergovernmental Administration for Arid and Desertification Organization), 2003. Designed and implementing the project, Alleviation of Poverty in Rural Areas (Abu Dlig), processing of some milk products, different types of cheese and yoghurts,   Funded by DED 2005. Participant in Community-based training for sustainable poultry production in Kamunab village, Community Exchange and Training Project for the IGAD Sub-region, 2006.

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