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I am Tyseer Elahdi Omer. My Specialization is Agricultural Extension and Rural development. I followed my BSc (Agriculture) Honors; Class 1 at the University of Khartoum, Sudan, with a MSc on Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture at the Norwegian University of Life Science, Aas, Norway in 2003. My thesis is "Farming in The Desert: Institutions and Mechanisms that Make Agriculture as a livelihood Possible for Hawawir Pastoralists in Northern Sudan. Currently I am working as a lecturer at the University of Khartoum Faculty of Agriculture and have experience teaching Adult Education; Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Extension Programs; Leadership, Adoption and Diffusion of Technologies, Management and Personnel. I have published articles on Institutions and Mechanisms that make Agriculture as a livelihood Possible for Hawawir pastoralists in Northern Sudan, Noragric Publishes (2005), and Hawawir Women of Northern Sudan Got Access to Land and maybe Control! A Paper presented at the conference of Arab Women in Academic Sciences and Technology: Towards Sustainable Development, Jordan May 2008.

I was awarded a full scholarship to do my PhD research in Justus Liebig University, Germany, in 2009. My thesis title is knowledge networking among actors of agriculture innovations in Butana communities, Eastern Sudan.

My research interests cover areas of application of Indigenous knowledge in natural resources utilization; institutions and organizational set up in developmental planning; gender perspective and achieving sustainable development in Sudan. As a researcher concerned with gender I have a great passion for GRACE research themes since joining GRACE MENA on December 2008. Working as a second investigator with my friend Einas Mahdi, I am born again with the journey of GRACE and feeling the third eye that I have and everybody has. I am finding the Knowledge!!!

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