Researcher, Yemen

Radia Shamsher Wajed Ali is theVice president of the Yemeni Human Right and Democratic Freedom Association and a Member of the executive board for Yemen Women's Union.

Radia Shamsher Wajed Ali attended higher studies in Algeria and gained her B.A in media and information science in 1972, as well as passed her higher diploma in Media, in Budapest, Hungary, in 1980. She has been involved in political and women's issues since an early age, and found herself supporting her two brothers, who were members of FLOSY (Front Liberation of South Yemen). Radia has actively participated in the women’s movement since the beginning of 1970, holding many different positions.

Professional experience


Vice president of the Yemeni Human Right and Democratic Freedom Association.

Member of the executive board for (Yemeni Women's Union).

Assistant Secretary-General of the Yemeni Women's Union in the Unified Yemen, 2003.


External affairs secretary of the Yemeni Women's Union, Sana'a 1990-1994.

Cultural and Information Secretary of the Yemeni Women's Union, Aden 1981-1986.

Editorial Secretary of the New Culture magazine, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Aden 1974-1981.

External Affairs Secretary, Ministry of Information, Aden 1972-1974.

Organizational Affiliations

Consultant for the following group of NGO's for women between 2000-2010:

Al Tadamon society – women's development and combating poverty.

Aden Women's Society for Savings and Loans - economic empowerment.

Arab Association for supporting Women and Juveniles issues (consulting on women and juvenile rights).

GTZ Project for Raising Women's Awareness, 2003- study survey for women's legal rights.

GTZ Project for Supporting imprisoned Women of DED, 2004 - establishing women's shelter house.

One of the founder members of the Yemeni Organization for Human Rights November, 1989.

Member of the supreme Council of Yemeni Organization for Protecting Human Rights and Democratic Freedom.

One of the founders of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Aden, Member of the Central Council of Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, Sana'a1990-1999.

Relevant conference participation

Workshop on 'Partners in Participation' Qatar, February 2004-NDI/IRI.

National Forum for supporting nominated women, Sana'a, January 19-20/2004- NDI.

Two workshops for 'Training and Qualifying nominated women in Local Council Elections, Aden- Hadramout, February 2001- Women's Center, Aden University.

Administration workshop for 'Qualifying the women nominated for Local Council Election, Dhamar, September 2000- ALZahra association and Mada.

Administration regional workshop for NGO's on women's participation in Political Life, Amman, Jordan, April1994- National women's committee of Jordan.


Sincerity Medal, 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Yemeni Women's Union in 1988.

Other medals and certificates on national occasions.


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