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Okwach Abagi holds a PhD from McGill University and is a Director of RESEARCHWEB Centre based in Nairobi, Kenya. Okwach is an M&E and Institutional Development Specialist, with 16 years of professional experience in the social sector. Okwach is a gender responsive researcher with a vast experience in monitoring and evaluation; development and management of work programmes; facilitating strategic planning and institutional development /strengthening; conducting research, policy analysis and gender audits and training. Okwach has traveled and worked in various countries in Eastern and Southern African Region, offering technical assistance for various governments and organizations including UNIFEM, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, USAID, CARE International, Action, Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA), and Commonwealth Secretariat among others. Okwach taught at Kenyatta University in Kenya for 11 years and has several publications. In the last three years Okwach assisted the National AIDS Control Council – Kenya and the National AIDS Commission –Rwanda and the Division of Reproductive Health, MoH – Kenya to develop monitoring and evaluation plans.


Conferences, selected publications/presentations, other projects

1. “Private Higher Education in Kenya”. In N.V. Varghese, Growth and Expansion of Private Higher Education in Africa. Paris: UNESCO – IIEP (2006), pp.75-98.
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5. Counting the Social Impact of Education: What Kenyans Say about their Education System and Gender Issues in Education. Nairobi: IPAR Publication, 2000.
6. “Education for the Next Millennium: Demarcation of Imperatives,” in P. Kimuyu, M. Wagacha & O. Abagi (Eds.). Kenya’ s Strategic Policies for the 21st Century: Macro-economic and Sectoral Choices. Nairobi: IPAR, 1999.
7. (Ed.) Basic Needs are Basic Rights: The Core Challenge for Constitutional Reform In Kenya. Nairobi: Action-Aid, 1999.
8. Achieving Universal Primary Education in Kenya by 2015: Where the Reality Lies. Nairobi: IPAR 1999.
9. “Cost and Financing of Primary School Education in Rwanda,” A Report of a Study Commissioned by the Government of Rwanda and UNICEF, IPAR: Nairobi, March 1999 (with Wasunna Owino).
10. “Rapid Assessment of Girls Education in the UNICEF Focus Districts in Kenya,” A Report of a Study Commissioned by UNICEF - Kenya Country Office, IPAR: Nairobi, January 1999. (with Wasunna Owino)
11. National Legal Frameworks in Domesticating Education as a Human Right in Kenya: Where to Begin. Nairobi: IPAR, 1998.

Reconstructing indigenous knowledge system and using it as a vehicle for empowerment; capacity building of institutions and communities.


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