Researcher, Nigeria


I am the General Secretary of the Fantsuam Foundation. The organization facilitates access to microfinance and ICT as tools for the alleviation of poverty among rural women in Nigeria. I work closely with the national Chairperson to monitor our projects, providing the professional and logistical support they need. The organisation has many volunteers; it is my duty to recruit and support them in their various capacities.
I teach basic computer skills to girls and women at the Bayanloco Community Learning Centre, and this initiative was awarded the first Hafkin Africa Prize (http://www.apc.org/english/hafkin/2001/2001/).
This aspect of my work is of special interest to me because it provides me a forum to meet with women and girls to promote their access to relevant health, economic and educational information. I am particularly keen on promoting accessibility and availability of relevant information for women’s daily lives in rural communities. This has led our organization to explore partnerships that will facilitate a broad spectrum of affordable low-tech ICT facilities. We are members of the Association for Progressive Communications and African Stakeholders Network of the United Nations ICT Task Force.

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