Mina Tafnout

Researcher, Morocco

Mina Tafnout graduated from the Information Sciences School in Rabat, Morocco, with a Masters in Information Sciences.  She has worked in the National Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Planning, and is currently a project manager with the Social Development Agency. She is a member of the Association Démocratique des Femmes du Maroc (ADFM), and is responsible for communications within the Réseau Africain des Centres et Cliniques Juridiques des Femmes dans l'Espace Francophone.

Amina has been the head and director of the Nejma Centre for Information and Legal Assistance for Women survivors of Violence, the national coordinator of the  National Network of Legal Centres for Women Survivors of Violence (ANARUZ), the project coordinator of  Mashreq Maghreb Gender Linking Information Project (Mac-Mag GLIP), and was a member of the Preparatory and Organizing Committee of the African NGOs Forum for the assessment of the implementation of Beijing platform 2004-2005.

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