Huda Omer Basaleem Receives the 2013 Elsevier Foundation Award for Early -Career Women Scientists in the Developing World


In 2013, Dr. Huda Basaleem received The Elsevier Foundation Awards in Life Sciences for Early Career Women Scientists in the Developing World as a representative of the Arab Region. In addition, she was selected as the UNISCO Country Focal Point (Yemen) and Advisory Board Member of the Bioethics Network on Women’s Issues in the Arab Region (BiNWIAR).

She also participated as a keynote speaker in the International Conference on Women in Science and Technology in the Arab Countries, April 21-23, 2013, Kuwait organized by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) and Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) presented a paper entitled “Cancer in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: A Situation Analysis”.

Important meeting attended:

-     The Annual Scientific Meeting of the “American Association for the Advancement in Sciences (AAAS)”, Boston, USA, 12-18 February 2013.

-     “Workshop on Strengthening NCDs FETP Field Projects in the Eastern Mediterranean Region” Marrakesh, Morocco, 4 December 2013.

-     The 3rd EMPHNET Regional Conference “Public Health Surveillance for the 1st Century”. Marrakesh, Morocco, 5 – 7 December 2013.

In 2014, Dr. Huda Basaleem received the award of “Best Doctor for their Fight for Better World” in the Arab World. She also participated as a facilitator/committee member within a team of facilitators/committee members from USA and UK, in the international educational workshop which was held at the campus of TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) and ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), in Trieste, Italy. This Educational Institute was sponsored by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS). 7-15 May 2014. Recently, she had been selected as an expert for the WHO Regional Network for advising countries on Non Communicable Diseases Surveillance and will participate in the WHO regional workshop that will be held in Cairo 20-25 September 2014. Other important participation include:

-     The “5th Regional conference of The Salim El-Hoss Bioethics and Professionalism Program at the American University of Beirut, Faculty of Medicine: Bioethics Issues for Women: Ethics of reproductive health- social and political conditions in Arab countries” in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the American University of Beirut and the UNESCO Cairo Office and in joint sponsorship with Yale University, Beirut, 8 February, 2014.


-     “Workshop to Plan the National Strategy for Health Research in Yemen” Sana’a, 26 – 27 February 2014.

-     “The 1st National Yemen Field Epidemiology Training Program Conference: Towards Strengthen Public Health in Yemen”, Sana’a, 26 – 27 February 2014.

-      “Workshop on the Postgraduate Program of Family Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Science and Technology”, Sana’a, 15-16 April, 2014.

-      “Workshop on the Development of a Certificate Program in Bioethics for Yemeni Clinicians, Researchers, and Policy Makers”, in Collaboration with Georgetown University. Amman, 3-5 August 2014.





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