African Women and ICTs

Buskens, I. and A. Webb (eds.) 2009. African Women & ICTS: Investigating Technology,) Gender and Empowerment (e-book link; PDF link). London, Ottawa, Pretoria; Zed Books, International Development Research Centre and Unisa Press.


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Buskens, I. and A. Webb. 2010. Les Africaines et les TIC : Enquête sur les technologies, la question de genre et autonomisation. Les Presses de l’Universite Laval.


The revolution in information and communication technologies (ICTs) has vast implications for the developing world, but what tangible benefits has it brought when issues of social inclusion and exclusion, particularly in the developing world, remain at large? In addition, the gender digital divide is growing in the developing world, particularly in Africa. So what do ICTs mean to African women?

African Women and ICTs explores the ways in which women in Africa utilize ICTs to facilitate their empowerment; whether through the mobile village phone business, through internet use, or through new career and ICT employment opportunities. Based on the outcome of an extensive research project, this timely book features chapters based on original primary field research undertaken by academics and activists who have investigated situations within their own communities and countries. The discussion includes such issues as the notion of ICTs for empowerment and as agents of change, ICTs in the fight against gender-based violence, and how ICTs could be used to re-conceptualize public and private spaces.

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